Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tunnel Vision Dream Boat

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! I love Tunnel Vision so much it's just the most amazing, beautiful, unique, perfect place on the internet. It's a total dream boat where you can always find everything you could ever want and things you never even knew existed but you don't understand how you ever lived without it! So basically I have been wanting to do a TV post since they first opened but I thought I would wait till I actually bought something I could wear on the blog. Earlier this month Tunnel Vision did the most nicest thing ever and gave all there facebook fans 50% off coupon code for all new inventory on the day that it was listed, so yeah it was amazing and I wanted to buy EVERYTHING but only had a limited budget so I got this PERFECT vest and ear cuff. TV is so nice because they are going to be doing this every month when they do a massive store update so if you have been living under a rock and didn't know about this then get you butt over to there facebook page and like them so  you can get in on the discounts next month!!!

So here is my outfit with my new Tunnel Vision pieces I got them yesterday and I haven't taken either piece off since, I love them so much!

Beanie and Belt- Thrifted
Flannel Vest and Ear Cuff- Tunnel Vision
Mall Rats Tee- Stolen from my husband 
Black undershirt- Dumpster (no joke)
Jeans- Ross
Socks- Target
Shoes- Coming soon to When to Wear
Jewelry- I think its all from The Parker Shoppes

Okay back to my Tunnel Vision OBSESSION... So the two ladies that created TV are fantastic! Brit from Disarming Darling and Madeline from Jean Greige are both major fashion inspirations for me, not only are they beautiful people on the inside and out they  also are intelligent human beings with great outlooks on fashion and society. If you don't already follow them then you should go check out there personal fashion blogs Madeline has a fantastic video up on her blog about fashion blogging it is SO worth watching trust me.

Here are some of Brit's lovely new looks

Here are some of Madeline's lovely new looks 

If this post wasn't long enough already here are my fovorite pictures from Tunnel Vision's newest look book

Peace and Love 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Camera!!!

So the first thing I wanted to get with the profits from my store was a new camera so I can take better pictures for the store and this here blogy blog! I'm so happy I got enough money in just one month to get a new camera it is unreal how much better these pictures are...

Hat- Big Lots (So ridiculous I got this for $2!)
Under Shirt- Thrifted
Sweater- Coming soon to When to Wear
Velvet Leggings- Thrifted
Shoes- Thrifted (Best none vintage thrifted shoes I have ever found)
Earrings and Rings- Thrifted and vintage
Bangle- The Parker Shoppes 

I need to make a rule to not wear things on the blog that are "coming soon to the store" because as of late I have not done a good job of actually adding these items to the store. Sorry about that I'm working on it I promise! Anyhow the new camera is exciting but now I feel like I HAVE to re-do all of the pictures of everything in the store. I'm trying really hard to get the new pictures of everything in the store done by Sunday! Then next week I can really get down to adding new things to the store! So keep an eye out for much clearer pictures of everything in the store!

Here are some pictures of the dresses with the most hearts that I have posted new pictures of they look so much better now!!!


I almost forgot to tell you, make sure to check out the AMAZING store feature on Miss Madeline's blog Jean Greige I can't believe she is wearing one of my tops I love her blog so you should go read that now!

Love and Peace,


Monday, February 20, 2012

Just Go With It...

Okay so I have been slacking lately life has just been kicking my butt this week. I don't want to go into details of my personal life on my fashion blog but lets just say I've been trying to be more honest and life is just getting really messy. Kinda like my hair today... My hair is really temperamental and I have to give it a lot of attention right after I wash it or scary things can happen. Alas today I was distracted after washing my hair by the new Tunnel Vision stock witch was INSANE!!! I totally got some goodies and wish I had more money to buy more of there amazing stuff, they have sooooo much great stuff!!! Anyways my hair ended up parting itself in the middle, flipping out at the ends, and being really poofy. So I decided to just make the best of it and just go with it so I gelled the heck out of my hair kept the part and the flipyness and ended up with this super 90's hairdo. Not my normal hairdo but I kinda dig it.  


Jacket- Coming soon to the store
Top- When to Wear
Jeans- Ross
Boots- The Parker Shoppes
Necklace, Bracelets, and Black Ring- The Parker Shoppes
Belt- Thrifted
Earrings and Purple Ring- Coming soon to the store

So I have over 70 new things to add to the store! I'm going to try to get as much up as I can this week so keep an eye out for new vintage in the store!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Red and Green in a Not Christmas-y Way

So I had no intention of blogging today. I woke up and basically threw on whatever was closest without thinking about it. When my husband Ben got home from school he said he liked my outfit and asked if we were taking pictures of it for the blog and I was basically like what outfit? I looked in the mirror and when oh this is kinda interesting, I love it when outfits just organically happen, when you throw things on and it somehow magically works.

Hat- Thrifted
Thermal- ? I've had it for like 9 years
Floral Top- Vintage
Flannel- Thrifted
Shorts- Vintage
Tigths- Target
Boots- Vintage coming to the store
Fanny Pack- Vintage coming to the store soon
Necklace and 2 finger ring- The Parker Shoppes

So I didn't plan it but I like how this outfit is red and green. I have a random painting I bought at a bookstore back when I lived in AZ that is red and green but soooo not in a Christmas-y way, this outfit reminds me of.

Love and Peace,


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Less is More

Ben is always making fun of me for liking "wide" clothing.

Sweater- When to Wear
Jeans- Ross 
Shoes- Ralph Lauren

I've been crazy busy this week with adding new things to the store, organizing new things for the store, DIY projects, going to the post office to ship things to my wonderful customers, and taking pictures and whatnot. As a result I have been dressing a lot more simply then normal, less is more, at least for today anyway.

When Ben and I first started dating we were both totally broke so we ate macncheese and brownies. That's become our tradition and we do it every year although now we buy nice macaroni from a restaurant and use  Ghirardelli brownie mix life is good! Hope everyone else had a good vday too!

And here is a random picture of my simple lunch I had today...

Love and peace,


Monday, February 13, 2012

Purple Pandas

Okay so I just started blogging and I'm already terrible at having regular posts, it's just hard to stay motivated when it feels like no one cares about or reads your blog. Anyhow trying to stay positive, and post lots this week, and add lots to the store this week, and hopefully get over this weird super 80's thing I have been stuck in lately. So sorry this is the most 80's outfit ever, seriously idk why I had to wear this on Saturday (I had all the best intentions of posting this on Saturday it just didn't happen) but I did lol. On the bright side I love the shade of purple on this dress and pandas are fun. = D

Acid Wash Jacket, normally I love them when they are worn in a less overly 80s way.

I have been debating turning this dress into a mini dress. I think it would be a lot more faltering that way but I just love the shear amount of purple in this dress.

I lived in "jelly" shoes as a kid I kind of feel like a five year old in this outfit.

The wind was being stupid...

Strait Hair, it happens once in a while
Jacket- Coming soon to When to Wear
Sweater- When to Wear
Dress- Coming soon to When to Wear
Socks- Thrifted
Jelly Shoes- Thrifted
Earrings- Random gift shop at Rocky Mountain National Park

Here are some new fun things added to the shop today! 

Whenever I wear purple I think of the movie Everything is Illuminated and this super radsauce song "Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello, if you don't know them then they are a super funnzies Gypsy Punk Band and if you do know them then lets be bff!


Love and Peace,