Saturday, April 28, 2012

Outfit and Geek USA Shoes

  I have basically been living in this grungy sheer floral dress thing lately, it is so comfy, and easy to wear!!!

Hair Bow- Coming Soon to Geek USA
Sunglasses- Thrifted
Earrings- Coming soon to Geek USA
Necklaces- (Shortest to longest) 1. Bracelet worn as choker- The Parker Shoppes. 2. Crystal necklace- Soulmates 3. Silver necklace handmade by my mom (it was a birthday gift) 4. Buddha necklace hand made by my friend Lisa Chappell (Another birthday gift but from high school).
Vest- When to Wear (on sale for $13 with the coupon code 12345)
Bracelets- The Parker Shoppes and Urban Exchange
Rings- Coming soon to Geek USA 
Undershirt and bike shorts- Thrifted
Dress/Top- When to Wear (also on sale for $13 with the coupon code 12345)
Shoes- Dr Martens coming soon to Geek USA

I am sooo excited for my new store! When to Wear was a really good learning experience but now I am ready to take everything I learned and start from scratch. Such great stock coming for Geek USA here is a sneak peak of some of the shoes!!! I love shoes!!!!!!!

Geek USA is going to be full of tons of vintage clothes from the 60s to 90s with either a Hippie Bohemian vibe or a Gothic Grungy edge! Also Adding a Mens section and lots of reconstructed items! Tie Die and distressed jeans all over the place, it will be pretty epic! So stay tuned for the opening!!!

Love and Peace


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rita and a Super Sale

Hi everyone, so in my last post I talked about Rita from Arrested Development and I sometimes forget that a lot of people have never watched the show, let alone  all of the third season. So for all of you here are some pictures of the ever so charming and lovely character Rita!

Real quick before I show you the pictures I just wanted to let you all know that I am having a huge moving sale at my shop when to wear EVERYTHING including the sale section is 50% off with the coupon code "12345"

I am opening a new shop called Geek USA that will open in May and am trying to clear out the old store so I don't have to manage both stores or re-list things to the new store so go get some major vintage deals!!!

Sorry I do not have any original sources for these pictures, I claim no right to these photos and only want to share my love of the show and of the character Rita's style!

Um yeah the weather is being stupid so I am not sure when I will have an outfit post but as soon as I see the sun again I will get on that! Have a great week and good luck to everyone that is freaking out over finals!

Love and Peace


Monday, April 23, 2012

Mr. F

 Hi there! I'm not dead! Yay! Sorry for my ridiculously long absence from blogging, life just got in the way. But I am so happy to be back. I missed blogging. Anyhow, we finally moved to a bigger place, it is so fantastic to not be in a basement anymore. So Arrested Development devotees should get the title with this outfit. For everyone else, well go on Netflix and watch all three seasons right now!!!!! Basically in the third season there is a character named Rita, whom I love, and am very inspired by her style. She wears a bracelet that reads Mr. F and it is a huge plot point, and there are a whole lot of jokes around it, and a song. But yeah Arrested Development is the bomb digity! watch it now! Oh yeah, and she wears this hat just like the one I am wearing, and she holds the tail up like there is a camera in it...

Yeah and I changed my hair a while ago and now it is kinda yellow, green, and blue it makes me feel like a mermaid!

I love my giraffe bracelet, he is my friend.

So I wanted to wear my orange cross today but it clashed with my other necklaces so in Kelseyland the obvious solution was to wrap it around my boot.

I wish I was Rita, not really, because I have seen the whole show a billion times but she is super radsauce.

I don't like following silly rules like don't over-accessories, I like having a big statement necklace and two other cool necklaces all at the same time.

Get ready to see my new Tunnel Vision purse glued to my shoulder all summer long! 

Hat- D.I. (thrift store)
Dress- Buffalo Exchange
Earrings- Buffalo Exchange
Necklaces- Charity Thrift Shop, The Parker Shoppes, and Soulmates
Bracelets- Random thrift stores and The Parker Shoppes
Rings- Thrift Stores and Urban Exchange
Socks- Target
Shoes- Vintage
Purse- Tunnel Vision

Been wearing my new Soulmates necklaces all the time I love them!!! If you have not checked out Kat from On The Ganges then you should do that right now! She just opened up a lovely little etsy shop where she sells handmade jewelry that is super fantastical! I have been meaning to put up a link to her shop on the side of my blog, but I am quite computer illiterate so I haven't figured out how to do so yet, but for real her style is fantastic and her store is great, so go show her some love!!! I mean seriously look at her radsauceness!!!

All photos from On The Ganges        

Hope everyone has a great night. I promise to not disappear again!

Love and Peace,


Monday, April 2, 2012

Small Spaces and Tie Die

Clothes have completely taken over our apartment! I am going crazy! I already took a load of almost everything that wasn't vintage to my local church thrift store, but most of the vintage is for the store, so I just have to deal until we move. Here is what I wore the other day and some pictures of all the clothes so you can understand why I am going insane.

I love how you can see Ben's shadow while he takes my pic we are super high class here haha

wearing: dress-vintage, socks- vintage, shoes- thrifted

yeah, this isn't even all of my bags...

we have two of these door hangy things this one has our jacket like things on it.

such a sad excuse of a dresser it will be so marvelous to buy a new real dresser!

scariest part of out apartment, the closet.

yeah, that is my pile of vintage to reconstruct...

oh yeah there are clothes in the kitchen.

So sorry that was super scary but I just wanted to vent about how claustrophobic I am right now. We found the perfect condo that we applied for over the weekend. If we get it then  I would have a whole room for a closet, plus a big closet in the bedroom, and an extra closet in the hall! Yeah so hopefully that will all work out!!! Yeah so... the only other thing on my mind is opening another etsy shop that has more of a specific theme to it, I'll keep you posted on that. Also having crazy hair issues lately, I have been wanting to grow my hair out for like two years but I am really bad at doing it haha. I have for real tried so many times and whenever it gets to my shoulders I go crazzzzy and chop it off with my kitchen scissors. I just for some reason hate the in-between length, I can't handle it, so I am thinking of maybe getting extensions to help me get past the middle length or I might just chop it off again. Perhaps I just need to color it, I am not sure, so the next time I post I may have different hair, so yeah that could be fun. Wow I am saying yeah and so a lot so yeah I will stop talking now.  

Love and Peace

P.S. How amazing was the Tunnel Vision OKWTF Sale?!?!?! I got myself two goodies I have been eying for a while would have gotten more but a ton of stuff was sold out! So yeah get on that before it's all gone!