Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

I can't stop thinking of this song by the Cure. My husband Ben just ordered this super rad shirt that I'm in love with! It has all these pictures that illustrate the lyrics of the song. I'm super excited for it to get here so I can wear it! Anyway speaking of things I love, I am in love with this dress, I can't seam to stop wearing it! I feel like I'm wrapping my body in a giant soft picnic blanket...

Hat- Coming soon to Geek USA
Dress- Coming soon to Geek USA
Jacket/Crop Top Thingy- Vintage
Ear Cuff- Tunnel Vision
Jewelry- Thrifted, rummage sales, flea market, ect.
Boots- Vintage

Idk why I look so grumpy in these pictures, life is really good right now, I think I was just hot and wanting to go inside and drink my ice cold root-beer! I finally got the new etsy store up and running, I have tons more things to add, but at least I finally started working on it! My amazing friend Zhee has been modeling for me, I'll post some things from the store on here once I get a few more things up, but if you want to check out what's up so far here is the link to my little project Geek USA .

Hope everyone is having a great weekend make sure to try to do something you love with people you love today!!! Hopefully this healthfulness will last and I can keep posting and working on the store more often!

Love and Peace


Monday, June 11, 2012

Color Me Happy I'm Not Wearing Brown!!!

The brown phase is over! Thank goodness! Enjoy this hot mess of fun colors that totally looks like something I would have put together if I was asked to get dress up when I was ten years old. Yep glad to know I have matured in the past twelve years.... Oh yeah and my hair... well I am trying to grow it out so strange things like this keep happening.

Seriously?!?!?! A built in mini fanny pack on the skirt!!! Yes!!!

Top- Geek USA coming soon
Skirt- Geek USA coming soon
Coin Earrings- Vintage 
Necklace- Geek USA coming soon 
Bracelets- The Parker Shoppes 
Rings- Random 
Shoes- Vintage  

When I got up the other day all I wanted was to have fun getting dressed and this is what happened. Some people may not like it but that's okay because it made me happy and that's what fashion should do! So have fun getting dressed guys! Life is to short to take yourself to seriously! 

Love and Peace,


Monday, June 4, 2012

Brown All Over

I'm FINALLY getting on a scheduled including a blogging schedule so here goes day one. I don't have much to say today except everyone with money should go shop Tunnel Vision today, there new look book looks amazing! Other then that my health problems have been acting up which has stalled the launch of my new store but it should be up and kicking by this weekend so that is exciting! I don't know why but I have been in this weird "brown phase" all I want to wear is brown and earth tones so yeah that's kinda weird but whatever for now it works for me. Sorry if you are getting sick of this hat and these bracelets but what can I say I love them, they make me happy, and this is my blog!

I have been crazy over this shape of shorts lately... it's kinda all I wear lol.

So I scored this super fun gold magnetic earring at a rummage sale so what do I do with it? Use it to pretend that my nose is pierced of course.   
Top, Shorts, Shoes, Necklaces- Will all be at GeekUSA soon!
Earrings- Buffalo Exchange
Hat- Thrifted
Rings and Bracelets- All over the place.

Have a good week guys thanks for stopping by!

Love and Peace,