Monday, June 11, 2012

Color Me Happy I'm Not Wearing Brown!!!

The brown phase is over! Thank goodness! Enjoy this hot mess of fun colors that totally looks like something I would have put together if I was asked to get dress up when I was ten years old. Yep glad to know I have matured in the past twelve years.... Oh yeah and my hair... well I am trying to grow it out so strange things like this keep happening.

Seriously?!?!?! A built in mini fanny pack on the skirt!!! Yes!!!

Top- Geek USA coming soon
Skirt- Geek USA coming soon
Coin Earrings- Vintage 
Necklace- Geek USA coming soon 
Bracelets- The Parker Shoppes 
Rings- Random 
Shoes- Vintage  

When I got up the other day all I wanted was to have fun getting dressed and this is what happened. Some people may not like it but that's okay because it made me happy and that's what fashion should do! So have fun getting dressed guys! Life is to short to take yourself to seriously! 

Love and Peace,



  1. fun outfit! especially the hair =)

  2. yep fashion should make us happy!! we should have fun with it!! and OMG YES!!! I'm loving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come and hang out with meee!!